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QIPTAHS (Qualitative, Innovative, Practical, Transformative, and Accessible Health Services) is a distinguished non-profit health and wellness organization founded by a team of experienced and devoted healthcare professionals with decades of combined expertise, having worked in the most advanced healthcare settings worldwide. As a non-governmental organization, our vision centers on revolutionizing healthcare delivery in the country. We firmly believe that access to quality and affordable healthcare is an inherent right, which drives us to collaborate and consolidate our resources to address the healthcare needs of the Gambian people.

Our Services

We Provide Quality Healthcare Services

Prenatal Care

At our facility, we provide comprehensive prenatal care to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby. Our dedicated team is committed…

Ambulance Services

We take great pride in the advanced features of our vehicles, which come fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Moreover, our drivers undergo rigorous training…

Blood Pressure Check-up

We are pleased to offer free Blood Pressure check-ups at Qiptahs Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 am to 6 pm. This initiative is…

Indoor Pharmacy

We have an indoor pharmacy for our patients. Our in-house pharmacy offers a wide range of medications to meet our patients’ needs. We strive to…

Pediatric Care

We offer pediatric care for children of all ages, prioritizing patient safety and providing the latest and most advanced treatments. Our team comprises highly skilled…

Ultrasound Scanning

At Qiptahs, we offer a variety of health equipment, including our ultrasound machine, which we use for various scanning services as follows: Qiptahs Healthcare Solutions…

Laboratory Investigations

We offer secure laboratory investigations and tests. Our laboratory works with state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed with highly trained professionals. We adhere to high safety…

General Check-up

We offer comprehensive general health checks, which include a physical exam, laboratory tests, and certain medical imaging procedures. These services are specifically designed to assess…

Weight Check-up

We offer weight checkups every Tuesday and Thursday. These checkups include an assessment of your current weight and a consultation with our expert nutritionist. Our…

Free Mobile Health-line

Our health-line is available 24/7 and provides access to medical advice from experienced healthcare professionals.

Maternal & Child Health

We provide free health screenings and educational programs to mothers and children.

Nutrition Counseling

We offer counseling sessions with qualified nutritionists to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Our Team

Meet The Qiptahs Team

Suntu Jarjue

Meet Suntu Jarjue, the exceptional CEO of Qiptahs Clinic. After graduating from nursing school in 2000, Suntu began his career at Farafenni Hospital. His skills…

Bakary Darboe

Meet Bakary Darboe, one of our exceptional Directors at Qiptahs. He graduated from Gambia College School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2000. After working at…

Kebba Mass

Meet Kebba Mass, one of the exceptional Directors at Qiptahs Healthcare Solutions. He worked at the Intensive Care Unit at the then Royal Victoria Hospital…

Masaneh Jatta

Meet our Director, Masaneh Jatta, who graduated from nursing school in 2000. Afterward, he gained experience working at the emergency units of both Royal Victoria…

Safiatou Kujabi

Meet Miss Safiatou Kujabi, our exceptional lab technician. She is a professional involved in every aspect of laboratory work, from recording data to maintaining equipment.…

Bubacarr FS Bojang

Mr. Bubacarr FS Bojang is an experienced nurse who has worked in the healthcare industry for more than a decade, both in the government and…


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    General Care,Pediatric care, Physiotherapy, Prenatal care ☑️ Laboratory, Ambulance, Ultra-Sound

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    Quality, Innovation, Practical, Accesible, Healthcare, Solutions

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